Sunday 28 October 2007

Locating Gary Bekkum's reference to telepathy

Anyone who has worked with the Star Gate archives as initially released by the CIA knows that navigating them was challenging as the files are not in logical order and the internal numbers do not match the file numbers on the CDs themselves. Although the Interactive version corrects the navigation problem, the out of order aspect remains i.e. the files are in the order released on the original CDs. That means a sequence of files on volume A might end abruptly with subsequent files in the CIA numbering system tucked away on Volume F or G.

Such is the case with the file Mr. Bekkum refers to in his article at:

You will find the entire 79 page document entitled "DIA Project Star Gate Research and Peer Review Plan" dated May 1994 listed in the Interactive Archive as file 10644.

You might also want to compare it with the 106 page file of the same title dated June 1994. That file is 10643.



Anonymous said...

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